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A little strategy & a few resources go a long way

Benefits of Strategy & Consulting

     There are strategies for success for every business & brand. Our strategy & consulting sessions can move your business, brand, &/or personal image in the right direction to stand apart from those in your area of expertise.

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Who Are We?

KeaneM Productions LLC is a brand strategy & consulting company that provides personalized services & branding visuals. Our clients consist of aspiring business owners, new business owners, working professionals, & those looking to polish their brand. Our services are in place to assist clients completing their business plan, expanding their brand &/or business, & presenting themselves professionally & uniquely. We do not provide legal services or referrals, but do provide services to keep you on the right track. Our services fall under Business & BrandingWorking Professional Presentation, & Creative Presentation. If you have any unanswered questions regarding our consulting services, feel free to contact us!


What is the process?

  • Request session

  • Receive confirmation for session booking via email

  • Submit payment by clicking link in e-mail

  • Have session via e-mail, video, or audio platform

  • Client receives complete session documentation &/or resources from KeaneM Productions within 5-7 business days or less after the session’s completion

How to book Session

Submit a request for the session(s) of your choice & explain your reasoning for requesting the session.

Submit Payment

Once we confirm your session, we will send you a link to pay.


During the session, we will give you more insight into the information you provided & produce documentation to assist you in the progression of your business &/or brand.

Receive Documents

After your session, we will gather the information given & recommendations to provide you with personalized documentation from your session to help you improve your business, brand, &/or image.

Founder & CEO

Bianca Crump, MBA

     “Hi there! My name is Bianca Crump & I am the founder & CEO of KeaneM Productions LLC, so it is only fitting that I introduce myself. My first two publications are in University of Chicago’s Newsletter for the Collegiate Scholars Program. These works are collages entitled “Jump Rope” (2007) & “Energy” (2008). Since then I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional & Technical Communications, a Minor in Psychology, & a specialization in Engineering Graphics. Soon after, I earned by Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in Public Administration. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to gain business certifications, earn my master’s degree in Business Administration, & work in professional roles that allow me to assist those that want to refine their business, improve their basic excel skills, build & expand their brand(s), & start a business of their own. KeaneM Productions LLC is here to assist business owners, aspiring business owners, working professionals, & everyday people with business strategy & consulting, branding & brand expansion, & professional appearance resources & tools. Along with those services, I also wanted to offer clients documentation specific to their niche. These documents can be used as an aid in their success. At KeaneM Productions LLC we want to see our clients succeed!”